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Brake Service - Bakers Auto Sales

Is it time to have your brakes serviced? Does your brake pedal feel soft?

Did you know you should service your brakes every 45,000kms?

Over time a vehicle’s brakes will wear out and become weaker. With the number of cars on the road growing everyday, having your brake service performed on a regular basis  is more important than ever.Does your vehicle’s brake pedal feel spongy?

Having your brakes serviced will extend the life of your vehicles brake system.

Brake service:

– Remove all of the old, worn out, and contaminated fluid from master cylinder

– Replace fluid with high temp formula BG heavy duty DOT4 Brake Fluid

– Specially formulated fluid to help prevent corrosion and extend components life

Brake Service Inspection for:

–  Leaks

– Corrosion in master cylinder

– Harmful varnish build up in system

– Broken or rusted bleeder valves

– Worn out pads and rotors

– Air in the brake lines



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